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Insurance Assurance Inc. your premier public adjuster Orlando and public adjuster Central Florida. We successfully represent you, the policyholders/insureds throughout Orlando and Central Florida. We are Florida residents serving Orlando and the surrounding areas with our office located in Central Florida since 1999.

No recovery, No fee.

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What is a Public Claims Adjuster or Public Adjuster?

Public Claims Adjusters are licensed professionals who manage the whole claim process on your behalf, not for the insurance company, ensuring you get the maximum amount of settlement that you’re entitled to.

Benefits of hiring Public Claims Adjuster in helping you settle your claim:

  • Public Adjuster’s expertise and experience with insurance claim can help you get a large settlement.

  • Public adjusters are knowledgeable about insurance policies and the practices of insurance companies. They will help you process and document your claim thoroughly. They will negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

  • Public Adjuster’s top priority is YOU, the customer, not the insurance company. Throughout the claim process, they will serve as your advisor and provide transparency.

  • Public Adjusters will challenge the insurance company’s offer to ensure you will receive a fair treatment.

Are all Claim Adjusters created equal?

All Claim Adjusters are not created equal. As a result of our company’s founder’s losses and dissatisfactions with Public Adjusting services, he became a Public Adjuster, and our company is committed to providing the best possible service to  individual client.

Five things that you need to look for in a Public Claims Adjuster?

There are several things that you should consider in hiring a good Public Adjuster:

  • Public Adjusters must be licensed. 

  • Experience is essential for public adjusters. The Public Claims Adjuster should be knowledgeable enough so that you can go through the process without any setback. It is therefore recommended that Public Adjusters are familiar with what career they entail. Property adjusters must have a substantial amount of experience. An individual’s level of expertise increases with experience. 

  • Know the Public Adjusters’ terms of communication. Public Adjusters can handle your claim; however, you might want to get involved in the process of your claim. You might want to hire someone you are comfortable communicating with during the entire process. 

  • Public adjusters who make boisterous and lofty claims about what you can recover – when they even have a copy of your insurance contract – should be avoided. Before they examine your insurance contract in full, public adjusters will not know whether you have a case. 

  • Some Public Adjusters merely play a numbers game to see how many claims they can sign. Afterward, you put them in a drawer and don’t hear from them often. Knowing they will get their share as soon as you are tired and settle down. 

Why should you consider Insurance Assurance Inc. your Florida Claim Adjuster?

  • We will exclusively work for You, not for your insurer.

  • Our company has been in the claim industry for over 20 years. We have managed and negotiated many claims for every type, whether it is man-made or natural damage. 

  • We will not get compensated until you are.

  • We are not looking for a quick paycheck. We will thoroughly examine and investigate your claim and ensure that you will get a fair settlement from your insurer.

How is Public Adjuster compensated?

A Public Adjuster can benefit you by proving all of your losses and convincing the insurance company of their validity, getting you higher than the initially offered settlement. A public Adjuster earns 10% to 20% of the total settlement amount, which is paid upon receipt of checks from the insurance company. There are no upfront fees and no cost to you if we do not get an award from an Insurance Company higher than the initial offer. If we don’t document and collect more than you have been paid or offered, our services are FREE!!

We work for you not, the insurer.

Your Florida Public Claims Adjuster. We are professional Public Adjusters or  Your Claim Adjuster successfully representing Insureds throughout Florida.

Conscientious Public Adjusters can make a tremendous difference in the amount and quality of a policyholder’s settlement. We know the insurance business and are familiar with all procedures and also work hard to get the maximum recovery for our clients.

Client satisfaction is one of our primary goals. We work hard and do our best to provide clients the best satisfaction. Insurance Assurance Inc., your Florida Public Claims Adjuster is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

We receive No fees upfront. We work on a contingency basis payment is due when the insurer pays. If we don’t document and collect more than you have been paid or offered, our services are FREE!!

We Have successfully Settled many claims with most insurance companies!

Types of claims

Fire/water Damage- Public Claims Adjuster
Fire or Smoke Damage/Ensuing Water Damage
Public Claims Adjuster-Wind Damage
Wind/Hurricane/Hail/ Thunderstorm
Public Claims Adjuster Roof Damage
Roof/Structural Damage
Public Claims Adjuster-Plumbing
Plumbing/ Pipe Breaks
Public Claims Adjuster-Vandalism
Public Claims Adjuster- Power Outage
Power Outage
Public Claims Adjuster- Business Income
Business Income/ Business Interruption
Public Claims Adjuster-Collapse
Collapse- Decay-Vibration


Insurer's Estimate Our Collections Difference % Increase Status
Over 793%
Over 1,095%
Over 4,239%
Over 347%
Over 402%
Over 339%
Over 414%

Note: These are average cases. 

Denials Don’t Scare Us!!!

Type of Claim  :  Business (Restaurant/Convenience Store) – Fire/Smoke     
Location          :  Orlando, Florida

Insurance Company denied claim in its entirety. We documented damage and under appraisal clause of the policy recovered $125,000 for the insured.

Type of Claim  :  Church – Wind/Water  
Location           :  Pensacola, Florida

The church suffered water damages to the parsonage and Sunday school building. The Insurance Company denied the claim in its entirety. Recovery was $85,000 for the covered damages.

Insurer's Estimate Our Collections STATUS

Typically our collections are 100’s % higher than the Insurance Company’s original estimate. Call today for a FREE consultation. If we inspect your loss and if our investigation finds the Insurers offer fair, you at least have the peace of mind of having a free professional second opinion. 




What Our Customers Say About Us

Client1 Public Claims Adjuster- Insurance Assurance Inc.
Jennifer N.

"Insurance Assurance, Inc. has been FANTASTIC. Very easy to work with, I have used a public Adjustor in the past and only wish I had known about insurance assurance!! I have prompt return calls and emails. This team is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain process thoroughly!"

Client1-Public Claims Adjuster Insurance Assurance Inc.
Supansa P.

"Insurance Assurance, Inc. got me a good settlement. They are really helpful and take time to guide me through from the beginning (at that time I don't even have to pay them a dime) I am very happy with their services. If you are looking for a public adjuster that will fight for you, Insurance Assurance is who I recommend.."

Client3- Public Claims Adjuster Insurance Assurance Inc.
Kim B.

" Insurance Assurance, Inc. was one of the best decisions we made after our home owners insurance low balled us on damages. This company went above and beyond to make sure we were treated fairly. Insurance Assurance not only got us results but took the time to walk us through. When the process was complete we had a meeting and were told to call with any questions we may have while doing our repairs. This company not only cares about their clients during the process but also offers their assistance til your back to normal living. I cannot praise this company enough!"


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