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You can use mediation to resolve a dispute between your insurance company and you if you have been sued under your liability coverage and need your insurance company’s obligation to indemnify you to determine whether to use mediation to resolve the dispute. It is an informal, voluntary, non-binding process. In many cases, insurance claim and coverage disputes can be resolved by mediation. The experience and skills of the mediator play an important role.

Insurance Assurance Inc. provides comprehensive claims adjusting services to the insurance industry. With over twenty years of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we have been adjusting claims of all types for insurance companies and self-insured entities around Florida. You can rely on us to provide your insurance operation with a wide range of services. Mediations, settlement conferences, and trials have been some of the areas in which our services have been in high demand. Call us now to learn more about our services. 866-432-7093/(321) 233-6222

Understanding Insurance Claim Mediation

Mediators act as an informal third party who assists in the resolution of claims disputes between the policyholder and the insurance company. It is possible to involve a neutral third party in resolving the dispute without giving up the final decision. As a third party, the third-party aids in the dispute resolution process and makes it more effective. Meetings are held in convenient locations nearby the policyholder’s home. In a mediation conference, both an insurance company representative and a policyholder representative must be present. Regardless of how they resolve the dispute, the representative of the insurer is fully empowered to do so. Insurance mediators are paid by both parties.

The majority of insurance companies do not offer mediation clauses, but those that do let you assess and approve the value of damages to your property, and hence determine what the expense will be. In addition, this process is much cheaper and faster than traditional litigation. In case both parties cannot agree on a third party or arbitrator, the court can appoint one. Therefore, the mediation clause in your insurance policy is of great value and you can use it in conjunction with a public adjuster and a subsequent mediation process to have your damages fairly compensated. The mediation process has helped thousands of cases of disputes be resolved in a fair and accessible way that does not involve going to court.

Insurance claim mediation is a popular method of resolving insurance disputes for a variety of reasons. As a result of this, it allows occasions to benefit from the perception of an agreed-upon, certainly impartial professional in insurance coverage law and practice, a quality not shared with all judges. Using a insurance mediator allows the parties to share (in more candidness) their constraints on contracting and dealing with complex scientific and financial issues that are no longer well-suited to litigation, such as loss allocation amongst doubtlessly responsible insurers. Finally, it enables the parties involved to settle disputes in a much more complete – and often innovative – manner than may additionally be conceivable in litigation, with the assistance of anyone who is likely to be more familiar with what the market will suffer in similar conditions.

Mediation is only as effective as the mediator. A court can order insurance claim mediation, but parties can choose the insurance mediator. It is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is often beneficial to a policyholder to agree to a mediator’s choice, assuming the mediator is otherwise qualified and unbiased. Insurers who trust a mediator are more likely to follow that mediator’s advice and counsel. Insurers will usually oppose the use of their mediator, but a policyholder that wins the battle over their objections will almost certainly lose the mediation. That’s because mediation is a voluntary process, and the mediator cannot force a settlement. It depends on the parties and topics involved when selecting an insurance expert, whether it is a former trial court judge, former appellate court judge, lawyer, or other. Furthermore, the case’s details and circumstances often determine whether a mediator prefers a facilitative or evaluative approach.

Policyholders should select a mediator who is smart enough to quickly grasp the key issues, experienced enough to handle difficult counsel and to see through their rhetoric, creative enough to identify hard-to-find paths to settlement, and persistent enough to move through difficult issues.

Insurance Assurance Inc. is an experienced and knowledgeable insurance professional that can act as independent insurance mediator for homeowners and businesses. With our help, we can reach an equitable, mutually acceptable agreement with your insurance company. We offer insurance claim help throughout the entire state of Florida. Contact Us Now. 


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